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July 22-28th, 2019


Learn Exactly What's Working In 2019...

From 15+ World Class Business Leaders, Game Changers + World Conquerers!

How To Make Sales Every Day With Easy Evergreen Funnels

- Kate McKibbin

How To Create More Success (+ More Sales) Using Your Intuition

- Natalie MacNeil

What's Working (and Converting) In Webinars Right Now

- Chantelle Bruinsma (Studio Expansion)

How to Build Connection + Increase Conversions With Instagram Stories

- Alex Beadon

How To Use Affiliates To Crush Your Income Goals in 2019

- Jill Stanton (Screw The 9 to 5)

How to Have Your Best Launch Ever in 2019 (Minus The Stress)

- Laura Phillips (Love To Launch)

Sales Pages : The New Rules (How To Write A Sales Page That Sells)

- Courtney Chaal (The Rulebreakers Club)

How to Have A 5-Figure Beta Launch (Even With A Small List!)

- Jenna Soard (You Can Brand)

How To Find Your USP + Stand Out Even In A Crowded Niche

 - Hillary Weiss

How To Make More Sales With FB Ads (Even With A Small Budget)

- Amanda Bond

How To 10x The Value + Profit Of Your Programs With Masterminds

- Victoria Gibson

How to De-Stress Your Business With Simple Systems + Team

- Sarah Noked

How To Use Pinterest Ads to Grow Your Tribe (+ Sell More Too!)

 - Haley Burkhead (The Profit Planner)

How To Create A Free Challenge That Sells!

- Louise Glendon (Click Love Grow)

How To Get Better Results For Your Clients From Group Programs Than 1 to 1

- Amanda Daley

Behind The Scenes Of A 6-Figure Launch

- Jenny Shih

... plus lots, lots more!









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